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MF PRO 5000 - Spare spool - deep
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MF PRO 5000 - Spare spool - deep

This new top of the range reel will fit with the most requiring anglers for feeder and match fishing.
The MF PRO has powerful winding properties due to its strong mechanics, it is precise and smooth and is built to last.
The MF PRO is full of advantages:
Waterproof Body, CNC handle with right or left positioning, micro-metric brake, 9+1 stainless steel ball bearing (including 1 on the main axis for the 3000 size and 2 on the main axis for the sizes 4000 and 5000).
We chose this positioning of ball bearing on the axis to lower the power needed when you get back you line, even with big swim feeders, and also to ensure a long life to the reel. The off-axis feet of the reel allow the spool to be aligned with the rings on the rods. This increases the casting distance considerably.
The MF PRO (MF: Match / Feeder) is available in 3 sizes : 3000 / 4000/ 5000 and include 2 spools : 1 shallow (for braid or match fishing) and 1 deep (for nylon and feeder fishing)