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ULTRA SPECIMEN - Pole 11.50 m with ME

Carp, sturgeon or very large catfish this pole is made to handle all of this fish without the fear of breakages.
We’ve been inspired by Asian technology to propose to you a long pole made with the carbon used for telescopic sturgeon poles used by Chinese anglers !! The weight/power value is incredible and the rigidity is also exceptional for this 11.5m pole (with mini extension).
The tip diameter is originally 7.75 mm !

Use :
• Very Big fishes
• Sturgeons, carps, catfish
• Very powerfull
• Lakes, rivers, crowded area

• 10 meters with mini extension
• Monobloc tip Ø 7.75 mm
• High resistance carbon
• Piercable reinforcement on section 2/3/4
• Impressive strength
• R-Specimen range compatible Kits